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William Eckhardt the founder of Eckhardt Trading Company (“ETC”) said “Two of the cardinal sins of trading – giving losses too much rope and taking profits prematurely – are both attempts to make current positions more likely to succeed, to the severe detriment of long term performance.”

After a thorough screening of the stock we pick the top stocks that we believe will are on an uptrend and will most likely continue to be on one. We then use our own algorithm to tell us when to invest in the stocks and when to exit it. This saves us from huge losses that one would otherwise incur.

This strategy is for investors seeking an active (tactical) edge, as there is evidence supporting exploitation of intermediate-term momentum of asset class proxies. Holding a few top-performing companies (rather than a larger diversified combination or only the top company) combines continuous diversification and momentum to obtain superior returns.



Rs. 75,000/-



4 Months

On an average



Use your own account,

No need to open a new one!



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every weekend

Execution: Every Weekend our Algorithm will issue the stocks to be bought, sold or left untouched. The execution has to be done by you.

Tax: Short Term Capital Gains(STCG) on most stocks and Long Term Capital Gain(LTCG) on a few stocks.

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