About Us

Qode Investments is an Quant Fund based out of Mumbai. We believe in systematic decision making, not ad-hoc decision making. A disciplined investment process is more reliable than discretionary judgment. According to us investment is a science, not a game.

We believe in evidence-based Investing, not story-based investing. Rigorous, data-driven research drives long-term investment success; stories drive sales. We invest across asset classes with a primary focus on equities and futures.

We have our own Portfolio Management Services to provide strategies for our clients. We emphasize on buying high quality businesses. Our investment Process is unique and has been backed by a lot of data to derive on the current strategy. We believe in our strategy and therefore have our skin in the game.

Our Team

Karan Salecha
Rishabh Nahar
Zahra Vimanwala
Vidhi Chheda